Intrinsic Protein Disorder, Domain & Globularity Prediction

Version 2.3

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Russell/Linding (Recommended P=RC-SS)
B-factors 3.5 (Refer to paper)
B-factors 2.0 (Less stringent)
REMARK-465 (Missing X-RAY coordinates)
Deleage/Roux (Old scale)
Hopp-Woods hydrophilicities
Kyle-Doolittle hydrophilicities

Disorder prediction

Minimum peak width
Maximum join distance

Globular domain hunting

Perform SMART/Pfam domain prediction
Minimum domain length (peak width)
Maximum linker length (join distance)

Plot settings

Show dy/dx plot
Show raw plot
Invert background colour
Output CASP format

Smoothing settings

1st derivative Savitzky-Golay frame
2nd derivative Savitzky-Golay frame


GlobPlot: exploring protein sequences for globularity and disorder
Nucleic Acid Res 2003 - Vol. 31, No.13 (OpenAccess)

Science recently featured GlobPlot in NetWatch

We did a comparative study of protein disorder and beta aggregation.

Remember to submit your sequence to DisEMBL as well.